domingo, 4 de março de 2012

- If I'd ever met a girl like you, Jenna, my whole life could have been different. You don't even know what you are deep inside. You're not just some little waitress. You understand what I'm saying?
- Not at all, no.
- I'm saying, my whole life I spent lost. If a sign said "go this way," I'd go the other way. Time after time after time. I turned the wrong corner, made the wrong choice, went the wrong way, like a chicken without a head. You understand?
- You are a chicken without a head?
- Pie lady, listen to me. This life will kill you. I'm saying... make the right choice. Start fresh. It's never too late. Start fresh.
- I ain't got no money, Joe.
- Who the hell does anymore?
- And I'm about to have my baby.
- I know you are, Jenna. I know you are. I was just dreaming a little for you, 'cause... all my dreams are gone.

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